Top 3 things to consider when working towards inclusive volunteering

1. Accessibility, inclusivity and equity benefits everyone

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of access, inclusion and equity! Taking steps to develop and improve your organisation will create greater ease of access for a diverse range of people, and create a more comfortable, safe and welcoming experiences for everyone.

By taking simple steps to make your organisation more inclusive, you can create more enjoyable experiences for staff, clients, customers and volunteers. With the extra thought and care that inclusion requires, you may even find that your staff and volunteer retention improves as a result.

5 people all wearing bright blue tshirts sitting in a circle with their hands together in the middle.

2.Involving people with disability as volunteers is easier than you think

Involving volunteers with disability doesn’t have to be as difficult, time-consuming, or complicated as it may sometimes seem. This toolkit is filled with lots of tips, resources, guides and templates, but often it comes down to is using common sense and being open minded.

Not sure where to start? Check out our range of resources and explore the other sections of this website.



3. Make it as easy as possible for volunteers to become involved

We’ve consulted with countless people who are keen to become involved in volunteering, but never make it past the application process. You may not realise it, but you could be turning away lots of potential volunteers during the initial application stage.

Think about your website and your application forms- are they simple and straightforward?

Take a moment to think about what you really need to know in the first instance, and eliminate things that can be found out during the onboarding process. We have more hints and tips in our recruitment and onboarding section.

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