Disability Employment Targets

The business case for disability employment targets. Guidelines for setting and achieving targets to increase the employment of people with disability.

Author: Australian Network on Disability

Self Advocacy at Work

Self-Advocacy@Work helps autistic people navigate the world of employment, understand workplace rights and develop self-advocacy skills.


Source: Autism CRC (Cooperative Research Centres)

Autistics Guide to Adulthood

From making friends and self-care, to entering the workforce and advocating for your needs, this interactive resource for the Autistic community , co-designed by autistic adults, aims to provide useful information, strategies and activities.

Author: Collaboration between Australian Government, Autism SA and University of Adelaide

MyWay Employability

  • Discover strengths for the workplace or further education
  • Identify and communicate sensory preferences and skills
  • Set goals based on personalised suggestions
  • Create a team to support your progress

Author: Autism Cooperative Research Centre’s (CRC) Australian Government

Autism Works

The information on this site and our free ‘AUTISM WORKS’ downloadable information guides can help you explore ways to be more inclusive for Autistic and autism communities.

By implementing this guidance, you are making a meaningful start in recognising Autistic strengths and all the ways that autism works.

Author: Government of South Australia – Office for Autism


Inclusive Workplace Toolkit

An anti-oppressive guide grounded in lived experience that provides an introduction about different kinds of discrimination.

Author: Hue – https://huecolourtheconversation.com/


Employ my Ability

This strategy is a guiding framework for governments, employers and the broader community towards a workforce that values diverse talent and where people with
disability can reach their full potential.

Author : Australian Government


Inclusion @ Work Index 2021-2022

The 2021-2022 Inclusion@Work Index maps the state of inclusion in Australian organisations and provides the Australian business case for inclusion. The Index highlights how workplace inclusion significantly increases performance and wellbeing, satisfaction and innovation – all factors that, when lacking, impact culture and could contribute to the ‘great resignation’ making its way to Australia.

Author : Diversity Council Australia


Developing growth mindsets

Explore how to help volunteers and the co-workers who lead them to ditch the fixed mindsets that are holding them back and adopt a growth mentality that helps them question knee-jerk reaction to change and reconsider what might be possible.

Author : Volunteer Pro


Reasonable Adjustments in the Workplace

If you need modifications or adjustments to your workplace to accommodate your disability so you can work at your best, you can ask your employer to make changes around your office and general work area.

Author: Disability Support Guide