Disability Inclusive Volunteer Management Guide

Developed by the team from JFA Purple Orange, the guide provides information on disability awareness, inclusive recruitment and on-boarding processes.

It cover’s topics including – creating accessible and inclusive workplaces, barriers people with disability may come across, and embedding inclusivity across all your procedures and policies

Author : Purple Orange and Volunteering SA/NT


Inclusive Volunteering Checklist

Making your volunteer program more inclusive for more people is easier than you think! This simple

checklist provides some practical steps to make sure everyone can access the benefits of volunteering.

Start your journey towards ore inclusive volunteering today.

Author : Volunteerability


Code of Conduct – Diversity and Inclusion

A Code of Conduct sets out the rules and expectations that members of an organisation must follow.

This resource includes a variety of options to include in your organisations code of conduct in regard to diversity and inclusion.

Author : Volunteerability

Managing Volunteers

Volunteers are an important resource to many, if not most, community organisations.

By understanding the legal issues relating to the engagement and management of volunteers, volunteer involving organisations can make sure their relationship with volunteers is meaningful, while being managed respectfully and safely.

Source : Justice Connect – Not for Profit Law


A guide to WHS for volunteers

This guide provides information on how the model work health and safety (WHS) laws apply
to organisations that engage volunteers

Author : Safe Work Australia

Volunteer’s First Day Checklist

Use this checklist for a volunteer’s first day to ensure their induction requirements gets met.

Author : Volunteerability


(EE) Clothing Guide

This simple clothing guide is for anyone not sure about what they should wear. If you are unsure, you can ask the organisation you are applying or volunteering for if they have any rules.

Author : Volunteerability


National Strategy for Volunteering (2023)

Volunteering Australia is leading the development of a National Strategy for Volunteering. The National Strategy will be designed and owned by the volunteering ecosystem and will provide a blueprint for a reimagined future for volunteering in Australia.

Author: Volunteering Australia