Hello, I’m Amy Anderson, Engagement Officer with Green Adelaide’s Community Partnerships Team. I’ve always been passionate about conservation, the environment and connecting people to nature. Volunteering was how I gained experience, skills and knowledge to become a professional park ranger.

Over the past 15 years working in many different national parks across Australia, I’ve had the great pleasure working alongside passionate volunteers to look after Country, culture and protect our precious environment for future generations. This led me to develop the South Australian National Parks Volunteer Ranger Program and into other roles supporting environmental volunteers across the Adelaide region.

I love my job because I get to support amazing people working to create a better world and conserve our beautiful places. Nothing beats going out into the bush or seeing an urban green space flourishing because of the efforts made by our volunteers. Diversity and inclusion are so important because we need the help of our whole community to care for and treasure our environment; plus it brings new skills, ideas and better empowers community groups when we include everyone!


Adelaide’s first dedicated urban environmental specialist organisation. They are focusing on guiding the people of Adelaide’s love of and connection with nature, and practically create a cooler, greener and wilder capital city.

Their area of responsibility spans across Adelaide’s 17 metropolitan councils, and includes about a third of Gulf St Vincent.

Their mission is to encourage activities and policies for Adelaide that enable pro-environmental behavioural change. This is achieved by facilitating partnerships, investing in aligned initiatives, educating about nature, and delivering iconic on-ground environmental projects.


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