Volunteer Survey Template

Recognising your volunteers is an important part of the retention process. This survey is a great way to give them the opportunity to provide feedback. Don’t forget to have processes in place to implement changes based on the feedback.

Author : Volunteerability

30 ways to show you appreciate your volunteers

Volunteer appreciation can be expressed in so many ways (often just a thank you goes a long way!) and is instrumental in building better relationships with your team. Some ideas may not be relevant to the Australian landscape, but might help you to stimulate your imagination.

Author: Rosterfy (USA)

101 Ways to recognise your volunteers

There are many ways you can recognise your volunteers. Read on for loads of ideas !

Author: Volunteering Australia

Calculating the value of volunteering

Many projects and organisations find it helpful to put a financial value on the hours their volunteers’ contribute. This can be expressed as an annual or monthly figure, or as the number of FTE (full time equivalent) posts.

Author: Volunteer Scotland

Measuring the impact of volunteering

It is increasingly important for organisations or groups to describe the difference that volunteering makes to, volunteers themselves, project staff, the beneficiaries or community. This guide will help you understand what we mean by ‘impact’, what to think about before you start, methods you can use and resources that can help you measure impact.

Author: Volunteer Scotland

Volunteering impact measurement

We need to get better at shouting about and sharing the incredible impact that we know volunteering has on our organisations. This guide contains top tips to help you to get started or improve your impact measurement practices, however small your resources may be.

Author : Scottish Volunteering Forum

Measuring the Good – Handbook

Measuring the Good is a practical approach for organisations in the UK to measure their social impact and improve organisational performance with support and guidance from skilled volunteers.

Author: Coalition for Efficiency and Volunteering Matters

Better Impact Volunteer Software

An end-to-end volunteer management software system to help you manage all elements of effective volunteer engagements. Helps to collate statistics around retention, rostering with inbuilt communication and e-learning tools. Fee for service. Support from Australian based experts.

Author: Better Impact


Volunteer Reward & Recognition

Volunteer reward and recognition is not just a “nice thing to do” – in a sector where there is increasing competition for volunteer labour, it is in the best interests of organisations that rely on volunteers to also invest in them and show their volunteers they are appreciated. Volunteering is excellent value for money, but it is not free. Ideas to reward volunteers, ranging from no cost to high cost.

Author : Volunteering Queensland


Inclusive Play Guidelines- Easy Read

Easy read versions of the Guidelines to support design and development of inclusive play spaces

Playspaces provide opportunities for community members to come together – to talk, to share and to connect. They are a place where friendships are formed, and memories are made. Inclusive playspaces can change people’s attitudes and promote diversity and inclusion.

Author : Inclusive SA