Two women and one man wearing orange high vis vests listening to another man give instructions. One is using a wheelchair .

Workplace Health and Safety procedures are an important part of the volunteer lifecycle.

There are specific documents for Volunteer Involving Organisations, and each state may be different. You can check out resources here.

We have also created a suite of WHS video’s that are in plain English, Auslan interpreted, Audio described and closed captioned. We believe this is a World First !

They contain the basics of WHS and you can utilise them for staff and volunteers. You may need to further communicate organisational and site and role specific risks according to your requirements.

Manual Handling

Manual handling covers a wide variety of activities. Watch this video to learn more about what they are and how to prevent manual handling injuries.

Staying Home

It’s important to stay home if you are feeling sick, to stop the spread of illness and disease.


Watch this video to learn more about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Equipment worn to minimise exposure to hazards that may cause workplace injuries and harm.

Risks and Hazards

Watch this video to learn more about hazards and risks in workplace environments and what to do if you identify them.