the back of a young person with short blonde hair. they are wearing a light blue shirt with Volunteer across their shoulders.

What is volunteering?


“Volunteering is time willingly given for the common good and without financial gain”

(Volunteering Australia 2015)

It can either be formal or informal.

Formal volunteering usually takes place in a planned and structured way.

Informal volunteering might also be called “helping out” or “lending a hand”

All volunteering is valuable!

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two men sitting on a step outside. one is holding a notebook and gesturing to the other with his hand

Beginning the conversation

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11 people sitting around a boardroom desk during a meeting. Some are using laptops or mobile phones

Types and benefits of volunteering

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An older woman pointing to an open laptop. A younger woman is using the computer

Finding a place to volunteer

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volunteer sign up clipboard held by one volunteer offering the pen to another volunteer

Applying to volunteer

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A young woman thinking and holding a blue mobile phone

What do you need to volunteer?

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One man wearing a cap backwards and using a wheelchair is talking to a younger man who is wearing a shirt and tie and standing next to him. They are looking at a document.

What to expect when volunteering

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