3 people in grey shirts with volunteer pose arm in arm, smiling for the camera

People volunteer for lots of different reasons. You might have one reason, or many.

  • To help others
  • Learn skills – perhaps to help get a job.
  • Meet new people.
  • Gain confidence
  • Share your skills or hobbies with others
  • Support a cause you believe in
  • Have fun and enjoy yourself.
  • Have a reason to leave the house and get out into the community
  • Give back to a place that has helped you in the past
Three woman talking to one another. All wearing a T-Shirt with volunteer on it. One of them is holding a clip board

This Tool Kit is to help you with the steps to get involved in volunteering.

There are two kinds of volunteering – formal and informal. Most of this Tool Kit talks about the steps in formal volunteering.

Formal volunteering usually takes place at an organisation in a structured and planned way.

Informal volunteering is where you might:

  • Help out a neighbour (like watering their plants, putting their bins out or walking their dog)
  • Give a friend a lift to the doctor
  • Bake some cakes for a school fundraiser
  • Being the welcome person for newcomers at church.
  • Collecting used clothes from your friends and family and donating them to an OP shop

All kinds of volunteering is valuable and does not always require you to fill in lots of forms and have training.

Click here to find out how to find a volunteer role.