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If you are over 18 and live with a disability you can contact us and we can support you to find a volunteering role.


You can look online: There are a few different places to look

If you are in South Australia, you can also search on:

Northern Volunteering

Southern Volunteering

Volunteering SA/NT

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Other ways to find places to volunteer:


Just because a place hasn’t advertised for volunteers, it doesn’t mean they don’t want them.

Sometimes, all you need to do is ask “Hi, I would like to volunteer here!”

If you have a special skill, interest or hobby – your local Community Centre or council might like you to share it with other people.

Ask your friends, neighbours, and family where they volunteer. You might like to join them.

Do you use public transport to get around? You can have a look around while onboard to see if there are any community places or organisations who might use volunteers.

Or, have a look at your bus or train route on google maps and then see which places are listed near the stops. You can then look up their website and see if they have a page about volunteering roles.

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Is there a community event happening near you? Does it look like something you want to help with? Find out who is organising it (usually on the flyer) and then contact them to ask if they need volunteers.

Do you already play sport, do a hobby in the community or have a charity that you support? Ask someone in the group if they need volunteers or check out their website for volunteer opportunities.

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If you’re looking for work as well and come across a job that seems good, but you don’t feel ready to apply just yet, you could look up the company’s website and see if they also have volunteers. Remember, it’s important to make sure that where you volunteer is one of these:

  • Charity
  • Church organisation
  • School
  • Council
  • Community Centre
  • Not for profit organisation
  • Hospital or Aged Care

If you haven’t already, watch our video to learn more about volunteering