Government of South Australia : Online accessibility Tool Kit

Everyone benefits from accessible design.

Online accessibility courses and resources to help you on your way. A clean and clear visual presentation helps everyone make sense of online information and functionality.

Inclusive Design for Social Media

Inclusive design tips for social media. Inclusive design aims to provide the best user experience for as many people as possible.

Author : Hootsuite – Katie Sehl October 2020


Toolkits – Disability and Accessibility

Includes information regarding inclusive language, Accessibility Action Plans, reasonable adjustments and digital accessibility.

Author : Diversity Council Australia


How to Make Workplaces More Inclusive For People with Invisible Disabilities

To understand the needs of people with long-term invisible disabilities, a seven-year study across Europe and the U.S. with 58 professionals with invisible disabilities and 19 HR professionals to gain insights into the feasibility and challenges of implementing some of the recommendations that emerged through the survey.

Author: Harvard Business Review


Guide to Co-Design with people living with disability

Co-design is an inclusive, collaborative process whereby a diverse range of people with relevant skills, experience or interests come together to provide advice and make decisions on a project, policy, program or initiative.


Author: Purple Orange


Age Friendly Audit Survey

This audit tool was co designed with community centre boards of management, staff, volunteers and centre users to help the centres better understand the experience of older people who access the centre, what barriers they face and where there is opportunity to improve their experience.


Author: City of Onkaparinga


Writing effective Advertisements

When advertising a volunteer role on social media, your website or in the newspaper, simply writing out what the volunteer position involves isn’t always enough to grab a potential volunteer’s attention. For every volunteer position you are advertising for, use these tips to help write an attention-grabbing and engaging advertisement.

Author: Volunteering WA & Volunteering Victoria


Writing a volunteer position description

A volunteer position description promotes your volunteer opportunities to prospective volunteers. Your volunteer position description will appear online on websites like GoVolunteer and SEEK Volunteer. Check out how information about your volunteer position will be displayed online

Author: Southern Volunteering SA (SVSA)


Accessibility Checklist for Events

To ensure that your events can be accessed and enjoyed by all people some preparation is required. To get
you started we have created an easy-to-use checklist. It is designed to provide you with an overview of the
accessibility of your venue and event. While this is not a comprehensive list, it is designed to get you thinking
about accessibility.


Author: NSW Government


Communicating effectively with people with disabilities

This Information Sheet aims to provide some practical advice and helpful tips to help you feel more confident communicating with people with disability.

Author: National Disability Coordination Officer Program